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Colin Buckingham and Protandim

I have been involved with LifeVantage and have been consuming the Protandim products since 2013. After extensive research, reading the many scientific investigations and talking to many individuals who had seen some amazing results after taking the product, I decided to not only become a consumer but also to be part of the LifeVantage family and opportunity.

The company points out that after taking the Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer product one is unlikely to notice any immediate change to how one feels. In the same way you cannot feel what your cholesterol level is, after taking Protandim you cannot feel that you have more protection against free radicals. However, I was able to experience a positive change in my protection against free radicals some time later.

Having always been an active sportsman, I used to run half-marathons. My normal program was to train for 2 - 3 months before and to allow almost a week to recover after the race. When I was 65 I ran the half-marathon in Phoenix, Arizona with this program. A year later I entered the half-marathon in San Diego, California, having taken Protandim for the 12 months before.

My training went as planned but after the race, the next day, I felt no after-effects from the race. An amazing difference. The only explanation is that Protandim provided me with that extra protection against the rise in free radicals that occurs in the human body when stressed. This higher free radical production is what causes soreness in muscles and tendons during and after such a race. I have been consuming the Protandim Nrf2 product now for more than 18 years and have added the Nrf1 Synergizer to my regimen.

​For anyone interested in trying out this potent combination of youth and energy, here is the link to where the combination of Protandim Nrf1 and Nrf2 can be seen and ordered: