Live Healthier Longer

with nutrigenomics

The Protandim Duo

From better sleep to more energy, Protandim Dual Synergizer is designed to slow down the aging process and improve your overall health with two powerful products wrapped in one incredible value. 

The answer to aging is simple: reduce oxidative stress and boost the mitochondrial production your cells need to repair and rejuvenate themselves. It’s a two-part approach that Protandim Dual Synergizer takes on by combining Protandim NRF1 and Nrf2 into one powerful solution. Together, they accomplishmore than an entire medicine cabinet full of expensive, ineffective supplements (and they take up less room, too).

With Protandim Dual Synergizer, you get two scientifically-proven formulas that work at the cellular level to help you live a healthier life. And you get it all at an incredible value. Protandim Dual Synergizer comes with a long list of benefits that can help:

    •    Reduce oxidative stress*

    •    Combat the effects of aging caused by oxidative stress*

    •    Activate Nrf2 protein to turn on natural antioxidant production*

    •    Repair and rejuvenate cells*

    •    Protect cells from free radical damage*

    •    Promote cellular repair*

    •    Enhance daily performance and energy levels 

    •    Boost cellular health so that cells function at peak performance*

    •    Reverse cellular aging by targeting genes to support chromosomes*

    •    Improve sleep quality*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.