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with nutrigenomics


How long do you plan to live? Have you ever thought about getting old? If you are younger than 50 then it's probably not something you spend too much time wondering about. However, beyond 50, most people realize that more than half of their life is behind them and suddenly the possibility of dying becomes real. Maybe one or more family members or friends have already passed on or one of your favorite pop stars didn’t make it past 55!

Past 50, the chance that we might die starts to increase and past 60 we suddenly realize we are beginning the final stage of our journey. At 70 we are now just part of a statistic. Will we live beyond the country‘s life expectancy rate of 74 and contribute to its extension or will we die before we get there? What can we do now to live longer and what does the quality of our life look like?

We now know that the sooner we start to think about death, the longer our life expectancy. Science has made tremendous medical advances in the past decade and we have a much better understanding of how the body works, how diseases start and how they can be prevented. Of course, a healthy diet, keeping physically active, not smoking and avoiding being overweight are all well-known principles to live a longer, healthier life. Moreover, the old saying "You are what you eat" has taken on a new significance.

Now scientists are discovering other ways to influence and protect the cells in our body. They now have a much better understanding of how the body ages and are discovering ways to keep us younger and healthier much longer. The new science of Nutrigenomics has emerged that studies how the things we eat and consume have a direct impact on how our genes function (gene expression) and how our cells are regulated. So not only are scientists showing us how to live longer lives, they are also proving that the quality of our life can improve substantially. Therefore, the goal of this website is to show you how you can:


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