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Validation Nrf2

Clinical Trial

This was the conclusion of a clinical study carried out by the University of Colorado on the potential of activating Nrf2:


"The Nrf2 cell signaling pathway has been demonstrated to contribute to the regulation of a wide variety of antioxidant, detoxification, and cell survival genes. Under normal conditions, Nrf2 activation plays a largely protective, beneficial role, which has led researchers to examine ways in which individuals might harness Nrf2 activation for health benefits, including exercise, diet, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals. However, in other instances Nrf2 inhibition may be therapeutic. Efforts at laboratories around the world are underway to develop new agents for either activation or inhibition of the Nrf2 pathway and to demonstrate their efficacy for the treatment of degenerative and immunological disorders."


​Here is the complete document: Clinical Trial

Protandim Athletes

Oxidative Stress

Mitochondria and Aging


There are hundreds or more of such independent, scientific validations of the claims the company makes about the impact the Protandim products will have on your health. We will be adding many more in the coming days. We will also be including in the future testimonials from actual customers.

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