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Healthy Living On a Frugal budget


Sometimes it’s not willpower that keeps people from eating healthy, it’s the wallet. Just head to any food blog or turn on the Food Network and you’ll probably realize that all those fantastic meals aren’t cheap.


While on the surface that may be true, with a little planning, organiz…

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The Aging process - Part Three


Maintaining cellular health involves preserving the functionality of cell structures (specifically, mitochondria). With all structures working at their best, the cell is able to perform its numerous jobs efficiently and effectively. Mitochondria are key structures within your cells that, when da…

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For many of us, the word ‘aging’ evokes feelings of fear, negativity and resignation. And it’s no wonder we have such an aversion to aging as it often comes with a number of unwanted changes, both in the way we look and feel. But as you learned in The Aging Story Part 1: Biological vs. Chronolog…

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The Aging Brain


You probably think of your brain as one organ, that graphic you see of squiggly grey matter. But it’s really made up of many different structures and networks which all function both independently from and interdependently with each other. A recent study showed that these structures even age di…

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It’s no secret that your body changes with age. These changes can be seen in your appearance (such as wrinkles and gray hair) as well as in your physical and mental performance (think slowed reaction time and memory loss). And, as unfortunate as it may seem, things like wrinkles, balding and hea…

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